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TitleDouble sheaths in RF discharges
Author(s)Marques, L.
Gousset, G.
Alves, L. L.
KeywordsDischarge modeling
Plasma sheaths
Radio frequency discharges
field inversion
radio frequency (RF) discharges
Issue dateApr-2005
JournalIEEE Transactions on Plasma Science
Citation"IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science". ISSN 0093-3813. 33:2 pt. 1 (2005) 358-359.
Abstract(s)This paper analyzes the formation of double spacecharge sheaths, associated to the development of double ionization structures in radio frequency discharges. A simulation tool is used to generate space-time images of the ionization rate in hydrogen and in helium, obtained by inducing artificial modifications in the mobility of charged particles, with these gases
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AccessOpen access
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