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TitleVascular endothelial growth factor and KIT expression in relation with microvascular density and tumor grade in supratentorial astrocytic tumors
Author(s)Heinke, Thaís
Espiríto Santo, Kleber Simões do
Longatto Filho, Adhemar
Stávale, João N.
Issue dateJan-2013
JournalActa Cirúrgica Brasileira
Abstract(s)PURPOSE: To evaluate the relationship between microvascular density and the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and KIT as possible markers of angiogenic stimulus in astrocytic tumors and correlate it with histopathological grading. METHODS: We enrolled 99 surgical specimens of supratentorial astrocytic tumors for analysis of VEGF and KIT and subsequent correlation with MVD and grading. RESULTS: KIT and VEGF expression correlated with microvascular density (p<0.005) and both VEGF and microvascular density correlated with grading (p<0.005). KIT had no significant relationship with grading (p=0.657). CONCLUSION: KIT and VEGF constitute important pathways in the angiogenesis of astrocytomas and therefore are promising prognostic tools and options for therapeutic intervention.
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AccessOpen access
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