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TitleAn identity-based approach to communication
Author(s)Sequeira, Arminda Sá
Ruão, Teresa
KeywordsOrganisational and strategic communication
Issue date2012
PublisherLivros Labcom
Abstract(s)The main objective of this paper is to evaluate the key elements in the construction of consistent organisational messages over time. In order to accomplish thai.wepropose the alignment of several elements: vision, mission, objectives, cultural values. optimal identityattributes, positioning. type of messages, communication style and means, and image. The expectedresult of this heuristic approach is to obtain a favourable image in the relevant public'smind, which will eventually lead to an excellent reputation and. ultimately. prestige. Consideringthat an organisation can have a reputation for all the wrong reasons, we propose the conceptof prestige as a means of focusing on the positive features of reputation.
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