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TitleP-cadherin expression in glandular lesions of the uterine cervix detected by liquid-based cytology
Author(s)Longatto Filho, Adhemar
Albergaria, André
Paredes, Joana
Moreira, M. A. R.
Milanezi, Fernanda
Schmitt, Fernando C.
Uterine cervix
Glandular lesions
Liquid-based cytology
Issue dateApr-2005
PublisherBlackwell Publishing
Citation"Cytopathology". ISSN 0956-5507. 16:2 (2005) 88-93.
Abstract(s)Objective: To study P-cadherin aberrant expression as a possible marker for cervical adenocarcinomas in cytological samples. Methods: We studied P-cadherin immunoexpression in liquid-based cervical cytology samples of biopsy-proven cervical lesions. Results: We found a statistically significant correlation between P-cadherin expression and a cytological diagnosis of malignancy, either glandular or squamous (P < 0.0001). Twenty-two of 33 malignant cases showed P-cadherin membrane staining. None of the 30 benign cases tested showed membrane staining, but three of them displayed an aberrant nuclear P-cadherin expression. Conclusions: We concluded that P-cadherin can be used to discriminate between malignant and benign cervical cytological specimens, but not to discriminate glandular from squamous lesions.
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