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TitlePutting severity of punishment back in the deterrence package
Author(s)Mendes, Silvia M.
McDonald, Michael D.
KeywordsDissuação criminal
Issue date2001
PublisherPolicy Studies Organization
JournalPolicy studies journal
Citation"Policy studies journal". ISSN 0190-292X. 29:4 (2001) 588-610.
Abstract(s)Studies of criminal deterrence usually show an effect of certainty of punishment but often fail to find an effect of severity. This is a serious threat to the theoretical underpinnings of deterrence theory. Through both a survey of 39 analyses in 33 published studies and our own reanalysis of an often-used data set, we show the problem rests not with the theory but with the analysis of the theory. Finding no severity effect can be traced to â unbundling the theoretical packageâ when moving from the theory to the statistical models used to represent the theory.
AccessOpen access
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