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TítuloNursing interventions to prevent falls in older people: a systematic review
Autor(es)Lage, Isabel
Araújo, Odete
Vilaça, Simão
Palavras-chaveNursing interventions
Older people
Systematic review
EditoraUniversidade de São Paulo. Faculdade de Saúde Pública
Resumo(s)Introduction: Falls are common and become a serious problem among older people who have the highest risk of falling, with 30% of people older than 65 and 50% of people older than 80 falling at least once a year. Several consequences can result as fractures, loss of Independence and hasten death. Objective: To synthesize the effectiveness of nursing interventions to prevent falls in older people (≥75). Methods: Systematic review of RCT’s. We searched the SCOPUS database without date restriction. Inclusion and exclusion criteria were defined, the search expression used was: older people AND falls prevention AND nurs* AND randomized controlled trials. Full manuscripts were obtained and screened independently by two reviewers using a screening form with clearly defined criteria. Results: From twelve studies met the inclusion criteria. Four were related with exercise programs; four involved devices to prevent falls (hip protectors); two included health promotional sessions (multidisciplinary team); and two studies involved a software to evaluate the risk of falling. Conclusions: Twelve interventions found in this study, nine had positive effect on preventing falls. Studies showed that physical exercise promotes strength, balance and can reduce the risk of falling and increase quality of life in older people. Devices designed to prevent falls could reduce the potential risk of falling. Also, na individualized intervention, empowering older people at home could reduce/prevent falls. These findings can be used by health professionals to play an important role in decreasing older adults’ fear of falling and promote their mobility and quality of life.
DescriçãoPublicado em "Revista de saúde pública, vol. 48, n.º especial (2014)"
Versão da editorawww.rsp.fsp.usp.br
Arbitragem científicayes
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