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TitleStudy of the friction-induced vibration and contact mechanics of artificial hip joints
Author(s)Askari, Ehsan
Flores, Paulo
Dabirrahmani, Danè
Appleyard, Richard
KeywordsFriction-induced vibration
Multibody dynamics
Contact mechanics
Artificial hip joints
Issue date2014
JournalTribology International
Abstract(s)The main objective of this work is to study the effect of friction-induced vibration and contact mechanics on the maximum contact pressure and moment of artificial hip implants. For this purpose, a quasi-static analysis and a multibody dynamic approach are considered. It is shown that the multibody dynamic model is effective at predicting contact pressure distribution and moment of hip implants from both accuracy and time-consuming points of view. Finally, from the computational simulations performed, it can be observed that the friction-induced vibration influences the contact pressure and the moment in hip implants by introducing an oscillating behaviour in the system dynamics.
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AccessOpen access
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