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TitleDyeing mechanism and optimization of polyamide 6,6 functionalized with double barrier discharge (DBD) plasma in air
Author(s)Oliveira, Fernando
Zille, Andrea
Souto, A. Pedro
KeywordsDielectric barrier discharge (DBD)
Dyeing mechanism
Direct dye
Surface characterization
Issue date2014
JournalApplied Surface Science
CitationOliveira, Fernando Ribeiro; Zille, Andrea; Souto, Antonio Pedro. Dyeing mechanism and optimization of polyamide 6,6 functionalized with double barrier discharge (DBD) plasma in air, Applied Surface Science, 293, 177-186, 2014.
Abstract(s)The physico-chemical improvements occasioned by DBD plasma discharge in dyeing process of polyamide 6,6 (PA66) fibers were investigated. The SEM, fluorescence microscopy, UV–vis spectroscopy, surface energy, FTIR, XPS and pH of aqueous extracts confirm the high polar functionalization of PA66 fibers due to plasma incorporation of oxygen atoms from atmospheric air. DBD plasma-generated reactive species preferentially break the C N bonds, and not the aliphatic C-C chain of PA66. Formation of low-molecular weight acidic molecules that act as dye “carrier” and creation of micro-channels onto PA66 surface seems to favor dye diffusion into the fiber cores. Plasma treatment allows high level of direct dye diffusion and fixation in PA66 fibers at lower temperatures and shorter dyeing times than traditional dyeing methods.
Other identifiers01694332
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AccessOpen access
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