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TitleFunctional programming and program transformation with interaction nets
Author(s)Mackie, Ian
Pinto, Jorge Sousa
Vilaça, Miguel
KeywordsInteraction nets
Program transformation
Visual programming
Functional programming
Issue dateMay-2005
Abstract(s)In this paper we propose to use Interaction Nets as a formalism for Visual Functional Programming. We consider the use of recursion patterns and introduce a suitable archetype/instantiation mechanism for interaction agents. We also consider program transformation by fusion, a well-known transformation technique, and show that this extends smoothly to our visual programming framework. Examples of applying this technique include transformations of two-pass functions into single-pass ones, and the introduction of accumulations.
DescriptionTechon. Report DI-PURe 05.05.02.
Appears in Collections:DI/CCTC - Relatórios Técnicos

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