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TitleRelationship between processing and mechanical properties of injection molded high molecular mass polyethylene + hydroxyapatite composites
Author(s)Reis, R. L.
Cunha, A. M.
Oliveira, M. J.
Campos, A. R.
Bevis, M. J.
Mechanical properties
Issue date2001
JournalMaterials Research Innovations
Citation"Materials Research Innovations". 4:5-6 (2001) 263–272.
Abstract(s)We apply a macromolecular-orientation approach to produce high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) + hydroxyapatite (HA) ductile composites with the stiffness and strength within the range of human cortical bone. Our composites are produced with different amounts (10 to 50% by weight) of the reinforcement by two procedures: bi-axial rotating drum and twin screw extrusion (TSE). The processing is by conventional injection molding and by Scorim (shear controlled orientation in injection molding) under a wide range of processing windows. Tensile testing is performed and the corresponding performance related to the morphology evaluated by polarized light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The control of the processing parameters led to significant improvements of the tensile properties. Compounding by TSE and then processing by Scorim produces the maximum modulus of 7.4 GPa and the ductility as high as 19%, for the HA weight fraction of 30%. These mechanical properties match those of bone, and were obtained with much smaller amounts of HA reinforcement then has been previously reported in literature. Our PE + HA composites present the additional benefit of being ductile even for 50% HA amounts. The use Scorim is a unique way of inducing anisotropy to thick sections and to produce very stiff composites that may be used in biomedical applications with important mechanical loads. This fact, combined with the bioactive behavior of the HA phase, makes our composite usable for orthopedic load-earing implants.
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