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TitleAmide conjugates of the DO3A-N-(alpha-amino)propionate ligand: leads for stable, high relaxivity contrast agents for MRI?
Author(s)Ferreira, Miguel Filipe Moreira Marques
Martins, André F.
Martins, Catarina I. O.
Ferreira, Paula M. T.
Tóth, Éva
Rodrigues, Tiago B.
Calle, Daniel
Cerdan, Sebastian
López-Larrubia, Pilar
Martins, José A.
Geraldes, Carlos F. G. C.
KeywordsDO3A-N-(alfa-amido)propionate chelators
Gd[DO3A-N-(alfa-benzoylamido)propionate] chelate
Fast water exchange
pH stability
in vivo MRI
DO3A-N-(alpha-amido)propionate chelators
Gd[DO3A-N-(alpha-benzoylamido)propionate] chelate
Issue date2013
JournalContrast media and molecular imaging
Abstract(s)A novel synthetic methodology for preparing amide conjugates of the DO3A-N-(alfa-amino)propionate chelator is described, using the synthesis of the DO3A-N-(alfa-benzoylamido)propionate chelator as an illustrative example. The model Gd(DO3A-N-(alfa-benzoylamido)propionate) chelate displays accelerated water exchange, stability in a wide pH range and inertness towards transmetallation by Zn2+. The Gd(DO3A-N-(alafa-benzoylamido)propionate) complex is mainly excreted via the kidneys, producing a significant increase of the kidney medulla/cortex enhancement ratio in MR images of Wistar rats, reflecting probably its increased hydrophobicity compared to Gd(DTPA). The results presented suggest that Gd(DO3A-N-(alfa-amido)propionate) chelates can be valuable leads for preparing potentially safe high relaxivity MRI contrast agents.
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AccessOpen access
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