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TitleSpinon and η -spinon correlation functions of the Hubbard chain
Author(s)Sacramento, Pedro D.
Li, Y. C.
Gu, S. J.
Carmelo, José Manuel Pereira
KeywordsCorrelation functions
Issue date16-Dec-2013
JournalThe European Physical Journal B
Abstract(s)We calculate real-space static correlation functions of spin and charge degrees of freedom of the one-dimensional Hubbard model that are described by operators related to singly occupied sites with spin up or spin down (spinons) and unoccupied or doubly occupied sites ( η -spinons). The spatial decay of their correlation functions is determined using density matrix renormalization group results. The nature and spatial extent of the correlations between two sites on the Hubbard chain is studied using the eigenstates and eigenvalues of the two-site reduced density matrix. The results show that the spinon-spinon correlation functions decay algebraically and the η -spinon correlation functions decay exponentially, both in the half- filling and metallic phases. The results provide evidence that these degrees of freedom are organized in boundstates in the interacting system.
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