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TitleSequence based heuristics for two-dimensional bin packing problems
Author(s)Alvelos, Filipe Pereira e
Chan, Tak Ming
Vilaça, Paulo
Gomes, Tiago Manuel Ribeiro
Silva, Elsa
Carvalho, J. M. Valério de
KeywordsCutting and packing
Guillotine constraints
Greedy heuristics
Local search
variable neighbourhood descent
Issue date2009
PublisherTaylor & Francis
JournalEngineering Optimization
CitationF.Alvelos, T. M. Chan, P. Vilaça, T. Gomes, E. Silva, J. M. Valério de Carvalho, Sequence based Heuristics for Two-dimensional Bin Packing Problems, Engineering Optimization, Vol. 41 (8), 2009, 773-791.
Abstract(s)This article addresses several variants of the two-dimensional bin packing problem. In the most basic version of the problem it is intended to pack a given number of rectangular items with given sizes in rectangular bins in such a way that the number of bins used is minimized. Different heuristic approaches (greedy, local search, and variable neighbourhood descent) are proposed for solving four guillotine two-dimensional bin packing problems. The heuristics are based on the definition of a packing sequence for items and in a set of criteria for packing one item in a current partial solution. Several extensions are introduced to deal with issues pointed out by two furniture companies. Extensive computational results on instances from the literature and from the two furniture companies are reported and compared with optimal solutions, solutions from other five (meta)heuristics and, for a small set of instances, with the ones used in the companies.
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