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TitlePiezoresistive accelerometer produced by microinjection moulding
Author(s)Martins, Luís F.
Rocha, Luís A.
Pontes, A. J.
Issue dateJul-2013
PublisherPolymer Processing Society
Abstract(s)The miniaturization of parts is an essential step in the evolution of technology, where more functions are integrated in less space. Therefore in recent years there is a growing interest in microsystems due to the number of possible applications in several different areas. This paper describes a different approach to the production of one of these devices, a piezoresistive accelerometer. The main structure of the proposed accelerometer is made of thermoplastic material and consists of a proof mass connected to an external structure by four arms. At the end of each arm, transduction a pizoresisistive material is used for transduction. . Resorting to a Wheatstone bridge and an amplifier the accelerometer output is successfully acquired, proving that this geometry and principle works.
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