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TitleA bi-layer electrospun nanofiltration membrane for plasmid DNA recovery from fermentation broths
Author(s)Correia, Tiago R.
Antunes, Bernardo P.
Castilho, Pedro H.
Nunes, José C.
Amorim, M. T. Pessoa de
Escobar, I. C.
Correia, I. J.
Morão, A.
Bi-layer membrane
Plasmid DNA
Issue date2013
JournalSeparation and Purification Technology
Abstract(s)The demanding ever-increasing quantities of highly purified biomolecules by bio-industries, has triggered the development of new, more efficient, purification techniques. The application of membrane-based technologies has become very attractive in this field, for their high throughput capability, simplicity of operation and scale-up. Herein we report the production of a bi-layer membrane by electrospinning (ES), in which a support of poly ε-caprolactone nanofibers was coated with a polyethylene oxide/sodium alginate layer, and subsequently cross-linked with calcium chloride. The membranes were characterized by SEM, ATR-FTIR, contact angle measurements, and were applied in the recovery process of a plasmid. The results show that membranes retained the suspended solids while allowing the permeation of plasmid DNA, with high recovery yields and improved RNA retention. Moreover, they also showed a very low fouling tendency. To the best of our knowledge it is the first time that ES membranes are applied in this type of bioprocess.
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