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TítuloEffects of technological innovation on knowledge acquisition inside the organization : a case study
Autor(es)Silva, Dorotéa
Romero, Fernando
Vieira, Filipa Dionísio
Palavras-chaveKnowledge‐based economy
Absorptive capacity
Evaluate programs
EditoraAcademic Conferences and Publishing International (ACPI)
RevistaProceedings of the European Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Resumo(s)This paper examines the effect(s) of technological innovation in companies’ key relationships on knowledge acquisition and knowledge exploitation. We propose, building on and contributing to the existing views of knowledge-based theories, that knowledge acquisition stimulates firms’ activities, transforming internal processes and creating competitive advantage. It presents the main premises of a conceptual model for understanding the processes and the impacts of knowledge transfer, acquisition and dissemination inside the organization. This is demonstrated within a case study approach, which explores the successful introduction of technological change within an enterprise setting. The case study is conducted in a high‐technology company, on the technology information sector, based in Portugal. The results indicate that technological innovation seems to be associated with indirect effects on knowledge generated in companies and increased network connections, which, in turn, are associated with increased knowledge‐based innovation. Knowledge acquisition, in turn, is positively associated with knowledge exploitation for competitive advantage through new product development and technological uniqueness. The study explores the impact of the introduction of an innovation, under the aegis of a government innovation stimulus programme, and its ensuing impacts on the firm’s trajectory of technological change. The study is particularly interested in the so called indirect impacts of innovation, especially on the effects on knowledge acquisition and its exploitation. Knowledge is an intangible asset and its dynamics are difficult to evaluate. The paper intends to contribute to the development of a new assessment approach, based on the consideration of appropriate indicators and variables collected through the case studies. The impacts of innovation go beyond the introduction of tangible products or processes, but methodologies for the evaluation of those (indirect) impacts are scarce. However, assessment of these impacts is fundamental to fully apprehend the consequences of innovation and technological change, and, as a consequence, to improve the decision processes regarding the design and implementation of projects or programs that stimulate innovation.
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