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TitleMonitoring mental fatigue through the analysis of keyboard and mouse interaction patterns
Author(s)Pimenta, André
Carneiro, Davide Rua
Novais, Paulo
Neves, José
KeywordsMental fatigue
Fatigue detection
Behavioral biometric
Ambient intelligence
Issue date2013
JournalLecture Notes in Computer Science
Abstract(s)In our living, we often have a sense of being tired due to a mental or physical work, plus a feeling of performance degradation even in the accomplishment of simple tasks. However, these mental states are often not consciously felt or are ignored, an attitude that may result in human failures, errors and even in the occurrence of health problems or on a decrease in the quality of life. States of fatigue may be detected with a close monitoring of some indicators, such as productivity, performance or even the health states. In this work it is proposed a model and a prototype to detect and monitor fatigue based on some of these items. We focus specifically on mental fatigue, a key factor in an individual’s performance. With this approach we aim to develop leisure and work context-aware environments that may improve the quality of life and the individual performance of any human being.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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