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TitleUsing Case Based Reasoning and principled negotiation to provide decision support for dispute resolution
Author(s)Carneiro, Davide Rua
Novais, Paulo
Andrade, Francisco Carneiro Pacheco
Zeleznikow, John
Neves, José
KeywordsOn-line Dispute Resolution
Expert system
Case-Based Reasoning
Information retrieval
Issue date2013
JournalKnowledge and information systems
Abstract(s)The growing use of Information Technology in the commercial arena leads to an urgent need to find alternatives to traditional dispute resolution. New tools from fields such as Artificial Intelligence should be considered in the process of developing novel Online Dispute Resolution platforms, in order to make the ligation process simpler, faster and conform with the new virtual environments. In this work, we describe UMCourt, a project built around two sub-fields of Artificial Intelligence research: Multi-agent Systems and Case-based Reasoning, aimed at fostering the development of tools for Online Dispute Resolution. This is then used to accomplish several objectives, from suggesting solutions to new disputes based on the observation of past similar disputes, to the improvement of the negotiation and mediation processes that may follow. The main objective of this work is to develop autonomous tools that can increase the effectiveness of the dispute resolution processes, namely by increasing the amount of meaningful information that is available for the parties.
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AccessOpen access
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