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TitleIntegrating formal and informal learning through a FLOSS-based innovative approach
Author(s)Fernandes, Sara
Martinho, Maria Helena
Barbosa, L. S.
Cerone, Antonio
Communities of practice
Collaborative learning
Issue date2013
PublisherSpringer Verlag
JournalLecture Notes in Computer Science
Abstract(s)It is said that due to the peculiar dynamics of FLOSS communities and their projects, effective participation in them is a privileged way to acquire the relevant skills and expertise in FLOSS development. Such is probably the reason for a number of higher education institutions to include in their curricula in Software Engineering some form of contact with the FLOSS reality. This paper explores such a perspective through an on-going case study on university students collaboration in FLOSS projects. The aim of this research is to 1) identify what should be learnt about software development through regular participation in a FLOSS project/community, and 2) assess the didactic potential of this kind of non-standard learning experiences. To this aim we resorted to a participatory research action approach and qualitative methods, namely case studies combining direct observation and interviews.
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