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TitleA specification patterns system for discrete event systems analysis
Author(s)Campos, J. Creissac
Machado, José Mendes
KeywordsDiscrete event systems
Model checking
Property specification patterns
Issue date2013
JournalInternational Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems
Abstract(s)As formal verification tools gain popularity, the problem arises of making them more accessible to engineers. A correct understanding of the logics used to express properties of a system's behavior is needed in order to guarantee that properties correctly encode the intent of the verification process. Writing appropriate properties, in a logic suitable for verification, is a skillful process. Errors in this step of the process can create serious problems since a false sense of safety is gained with the analysis. However, when compared to the effort put into developing and applying modeling languages, little attention has been devoted to the process of writing properties that accurately capture verification requirements. In this paper we illustrate how a collection of property patterns can help in simplifying the process of generating logical formulae from informally expressed requirements.
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