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TitleBiofouling in tubes: some trends and perspectives
Author(s)Pinheiro, J. D. R. S.
Melo, L. F.
Pinheiro, Maria Manuela
Issue date1985
Abstract(s)A significant increase in the literature concerning the formation of biological deposits in tubes has been noticed in the last few years. Yet, the scope of the majority of the reports is limited to the study of a single operating parameter. Besides, the operating conditions differ significantly from case to case, renderino difficult the absortion of the available information. In this work, a survey of the most recent publications on the subject of tube biofouling is undertaken, as a means of clarifying further research proprams. Emphasis is placed on the systems used, experimental equipments adopted and, essentially on the parameters studied. Of these, specially attention is qiven to the influence of tube material and roughness, foulant type and concentration, fluid velocity and temperature field.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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