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TitleImmobilized laccase for decolourization of Reactive Black 5 dyeing effluents
Author(s)Zille, Andrea
Tzanov, Tzanko
Gübitz, Georg M.
Paulo, Artur Cavaco
Recycling of dyeing effluents
Issue dateSep-2003
JournalBiotechnology letters
Citation"Biotechnology letters". ISSN 0141-5492 . 25:17 (Sept. 2003) 1473–1477.
Abstract(s)enzyme (194 h free and 79 h immobilized) depended on the dyeing liquor composition and the chemical structure of the dye. In the decolourization experiments with immobilized laccase, two phenomenons were observed – decolourization due to adsorption on the support (79%) and dye degradation due to the enzyme action (4%). Dyeing in the enzymatically recycled effluent provided consistency of the colour with both bright and dark dyes.
AccessOpen access
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