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TitleCritical analysis of fibre-reinforced polymer near-surface mounted double-shear pull-out tests
Author(s)Costa, Inês
Barros, Joaquim A. O.
KeywordsBond behaviour
Double-Shear pull-out test
Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP)
Local bondslip law
Near Surface Mounted (NSM)
Issue date2013
JournalStrain: an International Journal for Experimental Mechanics
Abstract(s)The study of the bond behaviour between fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) systems and concrete is an issue that nowadays attracts many researchers. The scientific community dedicated to the research of FRP reinforcement has been conducting numerous experimental programs aiming to assess the local bond-slip law of the FRP-adhesive-concrete connection. This paper reports the relevant results obtained by the Structural Composite Research Group of Minho University in the scope of an international Round Robin Test. The suitability of the recommended test setup to derive a local bond constitutive law for modelling the bond behaviour of Near Surface Mounted reinforcement systems is discussed based on a deep interpretation of the results. Keywords: Bond behaviour; Double-Shear pull-out test; Fibre reinforced
AccessOpen access
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