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TitleHybrid Composite Plates (HCP) for shear strengthening of RC beams
Author(s)Esmaeeli, Esmaeel
Barros, Joaquim A. O.
Baghi, Hadi
KeywordsStrain Hardening
CFRP sheet
Shear Strengthening
Deep Beam
Issue dateJun-2013
PublisherInternational Institute for FRP in Construction (IIFC)
Abstract(s)The potential of a hybrid composite plate (HCP) for the strengthening of reinforced concrete (RC) deep beams is evaluated. HCP are composed of a CFRP sheet that is glued to the external surface of a thin plate made of strain hardening cementitious composite (SHCC). These panels were glued to the lateral faces of RC deep beams. Three groups of shear strengthened RC beams were tested under three-point bending load configuration. CFRP sheet, SHCC plate or HCP were individually applied to the lateral faces of shear deficiently reinforced beams to compare the effectiveness of these different strengthening schemes. The load-mid span deflections of these beams are compared to the response of the control beam. The maximum load carrying capacity and its corresponding mid-span deflection, crack pattern and the initial flexural stiffness are the studied parameters.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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