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TitleSmart content selection for public displays in ambient intelligence environments
Author(s)Ribeiro, Fernando
José, Rui
KeywordsAmbient intelligence
Public displays
Recommender systems
Ubiquitous computing
Issue date2013
PublisherIGI Global
JournalInternational journal of ambient computing and intelligence
Abstract(s)A public display that is able to present the right information at the right time is a very compelling concept. However, realising or even approaching this ability to autonomously select appropriate content based on some interpretation of the surrounding social context represents a major challenge. This article provides an overview of the key challenges involved and an exploration of some of the main alternatives available. It also describes a novel place-based content adaptation system that autonomously selects from web sources the content deemed more relevant according to a dynamic place model. This model is based on a tag cloud that combines content suggestions expressed by multiple place visitors with those expressed by the place owner. Evaluation results have shown that a place tag cloud can provide a valuable approach to this issue and that people recognize and understand the sensitivity of the system to their demands.
AccessOpen access
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