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TitleA model for the interpretation of biofouling
Author(s)Pinheiro, Maria Manuela
Pinheiro, J. D. R. S.
Melo, L. F.
Bott, T. R.
Issue date1988
Abstract(s)The formation of biofilms on heat exchange surfaces was studied using water with Pseudomonas fluorescens as a contaminant and also a mixture of these bacteria and kaolin particles. In every case increasing the fluid velocity resulted in a decrease in the final amount of deposit and in the deposition rate . The effect of the fluid velocity was interpreted using a mathematical model and it was found that cell adhesion and reproduction were the fundamental processes controlling the deposition rate . The presence of inorganic particles in the deposit enhanced the biofilm growth rate . This result was explained by the differences in the structure of the fouling layers .
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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