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TitleThe work, perceptions and professional development of teachers
Author(s)Herdeiro, Rosalinda
Silva, Ana Maria Costa e
Teaching career
Professional development
Performance evaluation
Issue date2014
JournalTeaching education
Abstract(s)This article presents work from an ongoing investigation, where the objective is to understand the impact of recent Portuguese legislation – the Teaching Career Statute and its respective Evaluation of Teacher Performance regulations – on the (re)construction of teacher identity, the teaching career and professional development. From an analysis of the results obtained, it can be noted that the aforesaid legislation had a negative impact on the perceptions of teachers about their professional development, which is evidenced in their pedagogical practice, the educational success of their students, team work and professional investment for a significant percentage of teachers.
DescriptionPublished online: 02 Sep 2013
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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