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TitleDa combinatória sintáctico-semântico-lexical do progressivo, progressivocomitativo e progressivogradativo no PE actual
Other titlesOn the syntactic-lexical combinatorics of the progressive, comitativeprogressive and gradativeprogressive in present-day European Portuguese
Author(s)Barroso, Henrique
Issue date2009
PublisherUniversidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR)
JournalRevista Letras
Abstract(s)With this research, based on a sample of authentic linguistic material (mostly taken from the written press and from literary texts), following the preferences or tendencies, I pretend to, on the one hand, reveal/describe the syntactic-semantic combinatorics (the propositional types and respective forms they co-occur with, types of subjects and their quantification, number and nature of the arguments and their syntactic configuration) and the semantic-lexical combinatorics (what aspectual types of verbal predicates they combine with - "state verbs","process verbs","culminated process verbs","culmination verbs" or" point verbs".-and their significant implications) of the" progressive" (<estar a + infinitive> and <estar + gerund>)," comitative-progressive" (<andar a + infinitive>, < andar + gerund>, < viver + gerund> and < viver a + infinitive>) and" gradative-progressive" periphrasis (<ir + gerund>, <vir + gerund> and < vir a + infinitive1>) in present-day European Portuguese and, on the other hand, identify/determine their variation and/or specialization in meaning.
AccessOpen access
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