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Title"Aspecto" e "aspectualidade": coordenadas descritivas
Author(s)Barroso, Henrique
Lexical aspect : processes
Culminated processes
Points and states
Grammatical aspect: inflexional and periphrastic aspect
Compositional aspect
Issue date2008
PublisherUniversidade Católica Portuguesa. Faculdade de Filosofia de Braga
Abstract(s)In this article I will first reflect on the nature and the constitution of both the category of aspect and the semantic notion of aspectuality in order to then render explicit the descriptive coordinates as applied to languages such as Portuguese, that is: I identify aspect as a property of languages which is particularly evident in the verb (better: verbal predicate), defining it (aspect) and characterizing its expressive processes and as well as the constituent typologies: lexical aspect ('processes', 'culminated processes', 'culminations', 'points' and 'states') and grammatical aspect ('inflexional' and 'periphrastic aspect'), finishing with a reference to its compositional nature.
DescriptionSeparata da "Revista portuguesa de humanidades. Estudos linguísticos", vol. 12, n.º 1 (2008)
AccessOpen access
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