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TitleInfluence of composition, bonding characteristics and microstructure on the electrochemical and optical stability of AlOxNy thin films
Author(s)Borges, Joel Nuno Pinto
Fonseca, C.
Barradas, Nuno P.
Alves, Eduardo
Girardeau, Thierry
Paumier, Fabien
Vaz, F.
Marques, L.
KeywordsThin films
Optical stability
AlO N x y
Issue dateSep-2013
JournalElectrochimica Acta
Abstract(s)Thin films of AlOxNy were deposited by magnetron sputtering in a wide composition range. Different structures and morphologies were observed, depending on the composition and bonding states, which opened the possibility to tailor the properties of this oxynitride system between those of pure Al and those of nitride and oxide films. In a wide range of stoichiometries, one can report the formation of nanocomposite porous films, where Al nanoparticles are dispersed in an amorphous matrix of AlOxNy. The electrochemical behaviour of the films was studied in isotonic NaCl solution. It was observed that the pitting 2 potential characteristic of aluminium disappears with the incorporation of oxygen and nitrogen in the films, being replaced by a smooth current increase. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy performed during 35 days showed that the corrosion resistance of the films steadily increases. The unusual optical reflectance profile of some films is maintained after immersion for several months.
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AccessOpen access
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