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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Oct-2012Municipal service delivery : the role of transaction costs in the choice between alternative governance mechanismsRodrigues, Miguel; Tavares, António F.; Araújo, Joaquim FilipeArticleOpen access
2013So close, yet so far away? the effects of city size, density, and growth on local civic participationTavares, António F.; Carr, JeredArticleOpen access
2013Performance measurement and management in portuguese law enforcementGomes, Patrícia S.; Mendes, Silvia M.ArticleOpen access
2007Cross-temporal and cross-national comparisons of party left-right positionsMcDonald, Michael D.; Mendes, Silvia M.; Kim, MyungheeArticleOpen access
2001Putting severity of punishment back in the deterrence packageMendes, Silvia M.; McDonald, Michael D.ArticleOpen access
2004Certainty, severity, and their relative deterrent effects: questioning the implications of the role of risk in criminal deterrence policyMendes, Silvia M.ArticleOpen access
2004Endogenous economic voting: evidence from the 1997 British electionAnderson, Christopher J.; Mendes, Silvia M.; Tverdova, Yuliya V.ArticleOpen access
2004What are elections for? conferring the median mandateMcDonald, Michael D.; Mendes, Silvia M.; Budge, IanArticleOpen access
Jan-2003What lies beneath : the roots of state merit systemsRuhil, Anirudh V. S.; Camões, Pedro J.ArticleOpen access
2018The Brazilian higher education evaluation model: “SINAES” sui generis?Pereira, Cleber Augusto; Araújo, Joaquim Filipe; Taylor, Maria de Lourdes MachadoArticleOpen access
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