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TitleWaste identification diagrams
Author(s)Sá, José Carlos
Carvalho, Dinis
Sousa, Rui M.
Issue date2011
Abstract(s)The most popular and perhaps the most effective way to represent the material flow in production units is the diagram known as Value Stream Map (VSM). Moreover these maps are also used to help in the identification of waste as well as a tool to support continuous improvement. Nevertheless, many of VSM limitations are known and thus there is room for the creation of other more effective ways to represent productive units as well as helping the identification of production waste. This paper presents a new graphic representation model for production units, as a tool to identify three forms of waste, designated as Waste Identification Diagram (WID), which aims to provide information to top managers in a much more effective format. The WID is a network of blocks and arrows, showing visually the throughput times, idle capacity, transport effort, changeover times and work-in-process levels. To illustrate the main features of this new tool, the paper includes a WID of a real production unity.
TypeConference paper
DescriptionCLME'2011 / IIICEM – 6º Congresso Luso-Moçambicano de Engenharia - 3º Congresso de Engenharia de Moçambique Maputo, 29Ago - 2Set 2011 - Edições INEGI 2011, (ISBN: 978-972-8826-24-6), Ref: CLME’2011_0912A
AccessOpen access
Appears in Collections:CITEPE - Publicações em actas de encontros científicos / Papers in conference proceedings

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