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TitleCharge trapping properties and retention time in amorphous SiGe/SiO2 nanolayers
Author(s)Vieira, E. M. F.
Diaz, Regis
Grisolia, Jeremie
Parisini, Andrea
Martín-Sánchez, J.
Levichev, S.
Rolo, Anabela G.
Chahboun, A.
Gomes, M. J. M.
KeywordsElectrical properties
RF magnetron sputtering
Capacitance–voltage measurements
Memory effect
Charge retention
Amorphous SiGe
Memory applications
Issue date7-Feb-2013
PublisherIOP Publishing
JournalJournal of Physics D: Applied Physics
Abstract(s)In this paper, we report on the electrical properties of metal–oxide–semiconductor (MOS) capacitors containing a well-confined 8 nm-thick SiGe amorphous layer (a-SiGe) embedded in a SiO2 matrix grown by RF magnetron sputtering at a low temperature (350 ºC). Capacitance–voltage measurements show that the introduction of the SiGe layer leads to a significant enhancement of the charge trapping capabilities, with the memory effect and charge retention time larger for hole carriers. The presented results demonstrate that amorphous floating-gate SiGe layers embedded in SiO2 may constitute a suitable alternative for memory applications.
DescriptionThe authors would also like to thank Engineer José Santos for technical support at the Thin Film Laboratory.
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