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TitleContext management for heterogeneous administrative domains
Author(s)Meneses, Filipe
KeywordsLocation-based computing
Pervasive computing
Context-aware computing
Context management
Issue dateApr-2004
PublisherAustrian Computer Society (OCG)
CitationFERSCHA, Alois; HORTNER, Horst; KOTSIS, Gabriele (ed.) - “Advances in pervasive computing”. Vienna : Austrian Computer Society, 2004. ISBN 3-85403-176-9. p. 73-79.
Abstract(s)When accessing user context, context-aware applications often interact directly with sensors or have to deal with specific space representations. This work addresses context representation and management for mobile users. It proposes a generic solution based on a Context Container where the user context can be represented by an unlimited number of dimensions. The proposed solution is based on a Context Manager that integrates the raw data acquired by sensors and enriches user context with new calculated and estimated dimensions.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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