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TítuloGlobalization, differentiation, and nation branding: from concepts to brands in Portuguese footwear
Autor(es)Ribeiro, Rita
Palavras-chaveNation branding
Footwear industry
EditoraAssociação Brasileira de Estudos e Pesquisas em Moda (ABEPEM)
Resumo(s)In contemporary globalized societies, the capitalist productive system triggers phenomena of extreme competition, which leads to complex processes of value incorporation in products. Today's consumers do not primarily buy objects; instead, objects are acquired as signs of identity, lifestyle or image. As such, objects are transformed into a code that indicates social positions and cultural preferences. In the market of the symbolic value of products, a factor of great importance is the difference the product provides in relation to others which are similar. Among many other issues, the national origin of the product is a key factor, since the country is associated with reputational capital that is also linked to the products it manufactures. Therefore, in today’s globalized world, where cultural references are increasingly global and hybrid, it is of great importance to analyze the assessment process of nation-states by international public opinion. The aim of this paper is the discussion of central concepts, such as cultural globalization and nation branding. Two indices of global brand will also be briefly examined in order to understand how the brand "Portugal" may contribute to the success of the Portuguese footwear industry.
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Arbitragem científicayes
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