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TitleProtein microspheres as suitable devices for piroxicam release
Author(s)Paulo, Artur Cavaco
Silva, Raquel
Ferreira, Helena
Carvalho, Ana C.
Gomes, Andreia
KeywordsDrug delivery systems
Controlled release
Protein microspheres
Issue date2012
JournalColloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces
Abstract(s)Bovine serum albumin-piroxicam (BSA-piroxicam) and human serum albumin-piroxicam (HSA-piroxicam) microspheres were sonochemically prepared and characterized. The use of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) lead to an improvement of formulation characteristics, including smaller size, lower polydispersity index (PDl), higher entrapment efficiency and higher stability. The release kinetics of these proteinaceous microspheres was determined in presence of protease, indicating an anomalous drug transport mechanism (diffusion and polymer degradation). In presence of higher protease concentration, BSA microspheres exhibit Case II transport, leading to zero order release (protein degradation). These proteinaceous devices did not show cytotoxicity against human skin fibroblasts in vitro, for range concentrations below to 300 mg L−1, greatly supporting their potential application in the treatment of inflammatory diseases.
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AccessOpen access
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