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TitleFive really easy steps to build a homemade low-cost simulator
Author(s)Pinto, João Moreira
Silva, João Guilherme
Castro, João Luís Ribeiro de
Pinto, Jorge Correia
KeywordsErgonomics and/or human factors study
Surgical education
Issue date2013
JournalSurgical Innovation
Abstract(s)Aim. The aim of this study was to evaluate how simple it is to build a homemade low-cost simulator using a simple 5-step scheme. Methods. A scheme explaining how to build an endoscopic surgery simulator in 5 easy steps was presented to 26 surgeons. The simulator required a pair of scissors and easy-to-find materials. Its total cost was less than €35. The participants assessed the simulator using common endoscopic training toys or ex vivo tissue and completed an anonymous query comparing it with other commercial simulators that they had experienced before. Results. In all, 84.6% found the simulator really easy to build. Every participant felt that he or she could do the same simulator themselves. Comparing with other commercial available box simulators, the majority of participants found the homemade simulator easier to (a) mount and dismount, (b) transport, (c) clean, and (d) use when practicing alone. Conclusions. Anyone can build its own simulator for a small amount of money.
DescriptionPublished online march 2012
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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