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TitleAsphalt rubber interlayer benefits in minimizing reflective cracking of overlays over rigid pavements
Author(s)Shatnawi, Shakir
Pais, Jorge C.
Minhoto, Manuel J. C.
KeywordsRoad Pavements
Issue date2012
JournalRilem Bookseries
Abstract(s)This paper provides an overview of the asphalt rubber interlayer benefits on reflective crack retardation in overlays over rigid pavements. These interlayers are known in California as asphalt rubber absorbing membrane interlayers (SAMI-R) or as asphalt rubber aggregate membrane interlayers (ARAM-I) chip seals. The paper focuses on the performance in terms of field project reviews, laboratory performance tests and finite element analysis. SAMI-R has been given a reflective cracking equivalent thickness of 15 mm of asphalt rubber hot mix overlays or 30 mm of dense graded hot mix overlays. The finite element analysis confirms the quantified reflective cracking benefits of SAMI-R and provides optimum design alternatives to conventional dense grades asphalt concrete overlays. The paper concludes that SAMI-R is effective in minimizing reflective cracking distress and in extending pavement life.
TypeBook part
AccessOpen access
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