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TitleOptimization of pretreatment of jatropha oil with high free fatty acids for biodiesel production
Author(s)Suwito, Supriyono
Dragone, Giuliano
Sulistyo, Hary
Murachman, Bardi
Purwono, Suryo
Teixeira, J. A.
Free fatty acids
Jatropha curcas oil
Issue date2012
PublisherSp Higher Education Press
JournalFrontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering
Abstract(s)A central composite rotatable design and response surface methodology were used in order to investigate the individual and combined effects of the ethanol-to-oil ratio, H2SO4 concentration, temperature and time of reaction on the reduction of free fatty acid (FFA) in jatropha oil. A quadratic polynomial model relating the reaction variables with FFA reduction was developed, presenting a good coefficient of determination (R2= 0.893). For reducing FFA to less than 1%, the optimal combination was found to be 0.62 v$v–1 ethanol-to-oil ratio (14.9 v$v–1 ethanol-to-FFA ratio), 1.7% v$v–1 H2SO4 concentration,and 79 min reaction time at a reaction temperature of 54°C. These results are of great relevance to maximize methyl esters formation by transesterification using an alkaline catalyst.
Other identifiers2095-0187
AccessOpen access
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