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TitleCombining similarity functions and majority rules for multi-building, multi-floor, WiFi positioning
Author(s)Marques, Nelson
Meneses, Filipe
Moreira, Adriano
Indoor positioning
Mobile computing
Issue date13-Nov-2012
JournalInternational Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation
CitationNelson Marques, Filipe Meneses, Adriano Moreira, "Combining similarity functions and majority rules for multi-building, multi-floor, WiFi Positioning ", 2012 International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN), Sydney, Australia, 13-15 November, pp. 1-9, 2012
Abstract(s)Fingerprint is one of the most widely used methods for locating devices in indoor wireless environments and we have witnessed the emergence of several positioning systems aimed for indoor environments based on this approach. However, additional efforts are required in order to improve the performance of these systems so that applications that are highly dependent on user location can provide better services to its users. In this work we discuss some improvements to the positioning accuracy of the fingerprint-based systems. Our algorithm ranks the information about the location in a hierarchical way by identifying the building, the floor, the room and the geometric position. The proposed fingerprint method uses a previously stored map of the signal strength at several positions and determines the position using similarity functions and majority rules. In particular, we compare different similarity functions to understand their impact on the accuracy of the positioning system. The experimental results confirm the possibility of correctly determining the building, the floor and the room where the persons or the objects are at with high rates, and with an average error around 3 meters. Moreover, detailed statistics about the errors are provided, showing that the average error metric, often used by many authors, hides many aspects on the system performance.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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