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TitleA case control study on the diagnostic potential of multiantigen serological tests for tuberculosis
Author(s)Duarte, Raquel
Afonso, Andrea
Ferreira, Carina
Roque, Susana
Vasconcelos, Olga
Castro, Rui Sarmento
Tavares, Margarida
Caldas, Cátia
Greenwald, Rena
Lyashchenko, Konstantin
Neves, Margarida Correia
Nóbrega, Cláudia
Serological tests
Issue dateMar-2012
PublisherInternet Medical Publishing (IMP)
JournalArchives of Clinical Microbiology
Abstract(s)Background: Eradicating tuberculosis (TB) in European countries with high incidence, such as Portugal, rely to a great extent on the ability to perform early accurate diagnosis. For the first time, the diagnostic value of two serologic tests, TB STAT-PAK II and MAPIA, was evaluated for rapid tuberculosis detection in a Portuguese cohort. Materials and Methods: A multicentre case-control study was performed on individuals who had been followed up for TB. Serum was collected from a total of 157 patients divided in: 1) control group with 32 healthy individuals 2) control group with 30 patients with pulmonary diseases other than TB; 3) patients with active TB on anti-TB medication for less than 2 weeks (43 patients), for 1 to 2 months (32 patients) or for more than 6 months (28 patients); 4) 25 patients with active TB co-infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV); 5) 29 recently exposed individuals with probable latent TB infection. Sera were tested for the presence of specific mycobacteria antibodies using the TB STAT-PAK II and MAPIA tests and compared with sputum smear microscopy information. Findings: Both of the serological methods showed high specificity. However the two methods had sub-optimal sensitivity, especially in HIV-co-infected patients. Combination of the antibody assays with sputum smear microscopy increased the overall sensitivity of rapid diagnosis. Conclusions: The use of point-of-care serodiagnostic tests may improve early detection of active tuberculosis and contribute for better control programs.
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