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TitleProcesso UV/H2O2 como pós-tratamento para remoção de cor e polimento final em efluentes têxteis
Other titlesUV/H2O2 process as post-treatmentfor removal of color and polishing end in textile wastewater
Author(s)Hassemer, M .E. N.
Coral, Lucila Adriani
Lapolli, F. R.
Amorim, M. T. Pessoa de
KeywordsTextile effluents
Advanced oxidation process
Color removal
Issue date2012
PublisherSociedade Brasileira de Química
JournalQuímica Nova
Abstract(s)Several problems are involved the treatment plants of textile effluents, mainly the low efficiency of color removal. This paper presents an alternative of post-treatment by UV/H2O2 process, for color removal in biologically treated textile effluents. The tests were performed in a photochemical reactor and samples were taken at different times to perform analyses. Using 250 mgH2O2.L-1, 96% removal of color was verified, indicating the dyes degradation. A reduction of 84% of aromatics compounds, 90% of TSS removal, and a further reduction of the organic fraction were observed, demonstrating that the process is effective as a post-treatment of effluents from textile industries.
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