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TitleDescoloração de corantes industriais e efluentes têxteis simulados por peroxidase de nabo (Brassica campestre)
Other titlesDescoloration of industrial dyes and simulated textile effluents dyes by turnip peroxidase
Author(s)Silva, Maria Cristina
Corrêa, Angelita D.
Torres, Juliana A.
Amorim, M. T. Pessoa de
KeywordsTurnip peroxidase
Synthetic effluent
Issue date2012
PublisherSociedade Brasileira de Química
JournalQuímica Nova
Abstract(s)The removal of important textile dyes by turnip peroxidase (TNP) was evaluated. The textile effluents besides the residual dyes contain also chemical auxiliaries such as salts, dispersing and wetting agents. The effect of these was evaluated in the removal of the dyes reactive blue 21 and reactive blue 19 by TNP in synthetic effluents. A decrease of the efficency decolorization was observed. The action of the enzyme on colour removal of dye mixture was equivalent to the dyes alone. The chemical demand of oxygen in the effluent after enzymatic treatment had a significant increase in relation to the untreated effluent.
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AccessOpen access
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