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TitleCharacterization of coating processes in Moiré Diffraction Gratings for strain measurements
Author(s)Ribeiro, João Eduardo
Lopes, Hernani
Carmo, J. P.
KeywordsOptical techniques
Moiré interferometry
Moiré Diffraction Gratings (MDGs)
Moiré Diffraction Gratings (MDGs) replication
Issue date2013
JournalJournal of Optics & Laser Technology
Abstract(s)This paper analyses the influence of the coating process in the optical efficiency of replicated Moire´ Diffraction Gratings (MDGs), which are applied on real field applications for measuring both the surface displacements and strains. The Moire´ diffraction technique is an experimental full-field, non-contact and high resolution optical method, which can reveal to be very useful in extreme harsh environments. The optical efficiency of the replicated MDGs plays an important role in the quality of the experimental measurements. Two processes were used to obtain the metallic coatings: sputtering and aluminum vaporization. A good coatings quality with high optical efficiency was achieved for both processes (e.g., 17%–28%). However, for the replicated gratings a slight decrease in the optical efficiency was found (e.g., 14%–21%). The MDGs were successfully used for the experimental measurements of displacement and strains in a single lap joint. The measurements also showed that high quality of measurements allowed the identification of unbounded regions.
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