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Títulot-books : merging traditional storybooks with electronics
Autor(es)Sylla, Cristina
Branco, Pedro
Gonçalves, Sérgio
Coutinho, Clara Pereira
Brito, Paulo
Tangible Interfaces
Participatory Design
Resumo(s)In this paper, we describe the design process and a first pilot study of t-books, a toolkit consisting of an electronic platform, a book with slots on it and a set of picture cards that children place on the book to interact and explore the narrative. t-books was motivated by the wish to offer children an environment where they can play with the language elements, while engaging as story authors. In this process children can enlarge their vocabulary, experiment different storylines, simultaneously learning to create meaningful sequences that evolve to a narrative. At the same time children can build their own story world by choosing among a diversity of different characters, settings and actions according to their needs and preferences, thus generating a simulation environment within the story universe, where alternative scenarios, and what-if questions can be posed and tested. A first insight of children’s interaction with t-books was very promising showing that children were highly motivated to create and share their own stories.
Arbitragem científicayes
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DSI - Engenharia da Programação e dos Sistemas Informáticos

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