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TitleVisualization of wave function of quantum dot at fermi-edge singularity regime
Author(s)Larkin, Ivan
Vdovin, E. E.
Khanin, Yu. N.
Ujevic, S.
Henini, M.
KeywordsQuantum dot
Fermi Edge
Issue date22-Jul-2012
CitationAbstract book
Abstract(s)We consider electron tunneling spectroscopy through an InAs quantum dot in a magnetic field applied perpendicular to the tunneling direction. We examine in details the anisotropic behavior of the amplitude and shape of the resonant peaks of I-V curves and concluded that (i) magnetotunneling spectroscopy at FES regime allows establishing position of resonant level in QD with high accuracy. (ii) The distinguishable shape of FES peak allows extracting the amplitude with much better accuracy. (iii) FES exponent dependence on magnetic field gives additional information about potential distribution outside QD.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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