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TitleCorrosion behaviour of titanium with oxynitride coatings in physiological solution
Other titlesКорозійна поведінка титану з оксинітридними покриттями у фізіологічному розчині
Author(s)Pohrelyuk, Iryna
Yaskiv, Oleh
Cunha, L.
KeywordsTitanium alloy grade 2
Magnetron sputtering
Diffusion saturation
Oxynitride coatings
Physiological saline
Issue date6-Jun-2012
PublisherKarpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Abstract(s)In present work the corrosion-electrochemical behavior of titanium alloy Grade 2 with combined coatings - presaturated with nitrogen and oxygen diffusion layer by thermal-chemical treatment and oxynitride coating TiNxOy with nearly equiatomic compositions deposited by magnetron sputtering - in physiological saline (isotonic solution of 0,9% NaCl) was studied. It was found that oxynitride coatings increase the corrosion resistance in 1,2 times as compared to nontreated alloy. When titanium alloy was presaturated with oxygen or nitrogen the combination of oxynitride coating and diffusion layer of thickness 50 μm assists in additional enhancement of corrosion properties in 1,5-3 times.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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