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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2013Experimenting with predicate abstractionMiraldo, Victor Cacciari; Frade, M. J.; Lourenço, Cláudio; Pinto, Jorge SousaAbstractOpen access
2013Using abstract interpretation to produce dependable aerospace control softwareSilva, Rovedy Aparecida Busquim e; Arai, Nanci Naomi; Burgareli, Luciana Akemi; Oliveira, José M. Parente; Pinto, Jorge SousaConference paperOpen access
2010A certifying compiler for zero-knowledge proofs of knowledge based on sigma-protocolsAlmeida, José Bacelar; Bangerter, Endre; Barbosa, Manuel; Krenn, Stephan; Sadeghi, Ahmad-Reza; Schneider, ThomasConference paperOpen access
1997Formally verifying interactive systems : a reviewCampos, J. Creissac; Harrison, M. D.Conference paperOpen access
2010Model-checking temporal properties of real-time HTL programsCarvalho, André Ribeiro de; Carvalho, Joel; Pinto, Jorge Sousa; Sousa, Simão Melo deConference paperOpen access
2012An approach to model checking Ada programsFaria, José Miguel; Martins, J.; Pinto, Jorge SousaConference paperOpen access
2016Modelling information resources and their salience in medical device designHarrison, Michael douglas; Campos, José C.; Rukšenas, Rimvydas; Curzon, PaulConference paperOpen access
Apr-2016Formal verification of a space system's user Interface with the IVY workbenchCampos, José C.; Sousa, Manuel; Alves, Miriam C. Bergue; Harrison, Michael douglasArticleOpen access
Dec-2017Verification of user interface software: the example of use-related safety requirements and programmable medical devicesHarrison, Michael douglas; Masci, Paolo; Campos, José C.; Curzon, PaulArticleOpen access
2017Demonstrating that medical devices satisfy user related safety requirementsHarrison, Michael douglas; Masci, Paolo; Campos, José C.; Curzon, PaulConference paperOpen access