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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2005Model based web interfaces' analysisCampos, J. CreissacConference paperOpen access
Oct-2006Models for the reverse engineering of Java/Swing applicationsSaraiva, João Alexandre; Campos, J. Creissac; Silva, João CarlosArticleOpen access
Oct-2006Cognitive walkthroughs in the evaluation of user interfaces for childrenCampos, J. Creissac; Mano, AlexandreArticleOpen access
2005Testing AudioBrowserFernandes, António Ramires; Campos, J. CreissacConference paperOpen access
Oct-2006IVY trace visualiserCampos, J. Creissac; Sousa, Nuno Miguel Eira deArticleOpen access
2014High assurance interactive computing systemsCampos, J. CreissacConference paperOpen access
Sep-2006Usabilidade em interfaces para criançasMano, Alexandre; Campos, J. CreissacArticleOpen access
10-Jan-2011A importância das avaliações qualitativas em sistemas e-learningFreire, Luciana; Arezes, P.; Campos, J. CreissacConference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
2006Processes : working group reportChatty, Stéphane; Campos, J. Creissac; González, María Paula; Lepreux, Sophie; Nilsson, Erik G.; Penichet, Victor M. R.; Santos, Mónica; Bergh, Jan Van denConference paperOpen access
2014A virtual environment based serious game to support health educationGomes, Tiago Emanuel Oliveira; Abade, Tiago; Campos, J. Creissac; Harrison, Michael D.; Silva, José Luís CardosoArticleOpen access