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2010Analysing darker motives or delving Robert Browning’s "Poetry of revenge"Guimarães, Paula AlexandrabookPartopenAccess
2017The sun shall be darkened’: eco-critical Byron and the feminine apocalyptic sublime in “Darkness” (1816)Guimarães, Paula AlexandrabookPartembargoedAccess (1 Year)
2012(Dis)entangling scientific and poetic discourse: Mathilde Blind’s The ascent of man (1889) and feminine rewriting of Darwinian evolutionGuimarães, Paula AlexandrabookPartopenAccess
2013Felicia Hemans’s ‘The coronation of Inez de Castro’ (1830): feminine romanticism and the memorialisation of womanGuimarães, Paula AlexandrabookPartopenAccess
2013Hope and despair in modern British women’s religious poetry. Steve Smith’s representations of the divine and the human: ‘A God is a Man’s Doll”Guimarães, Paula AlexandrabookPartopenAccess
2015Landscape as language: discussing margaret drabble’s a writer’s britain. Landscape in literature, of 1979Guimarães, Paula AlexandrabookPartopenAccess
Jun-2014In search of the mythical images of Yorkshire: the poetry of the Brontë sisters in the literary tourism of HaworthGuimarães, Paula AlexandrabookPartopenAccess
2017‘Am I not a fly like thee? / Or art not thou a man like me?’: os diálogos homem-animal na poesia inglesa do período românticoGuimarães, Paula AlexandrabookPartopenAccess
2017Recalling the poetics and politics of the exilic and migrant other in some English women’s poetryGuimarães, Paula AlexandrabookPartopenAccess
2016De Blake a Keats: a imaginação na tradição romântica inglesaGuimarães, Paula AlexandrabookPartopenAccess